Worker’s Safety


Carrying dangerous hot fryer oil to a dumpster is now a thing of the past!

Among the many benefits of the Envirotub is the increased safety it provides in the workplace.  Typically when it’s time to dispose of fryer oil, an employee will take the container from the fryer and empty it into a metal container outside.   Every time this dumping occurs there is a risk of serious injury to the employee.  He or she could be burned by splashing oil or they could slip and fall causing serious injury to themselves or others.

Also, the area ‘out back’ where this oil is being dumped is not typically clean.  Again, the employee could slip on oil that is on the ground or be burned during the dumping process.  The Envirotub eliminates virtually all of the risk involved in dumping used fryer oil.  The employee will never have to transfer hot oil in an unsafe manner through a kitchen again.  The Envirotub can be rolled right next to the fryer so that the oil can be conveniently dumped on the spot.

The top of the envirotub is designed with a raised lip around the perimeter to contain overflow and spillage.  The top is also designed to drain any spilled grease or fryer oil directly towards the opening of the container.  The lid seals shut to prevent odors from escaping.  However, the lid is vented in the center to help allow heat to escape and prevent the container from expansion.   Once the oil has been collected and the twist on lid secured the Envirotub can be safely rolled back under the 2 or 3 compartment sink or anywhere else inside it the oil is being stored.