Grease Theft


Grease thieves are ripping you off, it’s time to fight back!

Grease thieves are ripping you off!  Soaring gasoline prices have spawned a new kind of crime all across America – grease theft, as in restaurant grease.  They come at night and the brazen come during the light of day.  They’re grease thieves and they’re costing you thousands of dollars in annual recyclable revenue.  And as a result they often leave you a greasy mess that can cost you thousands of dollars to clean up.

Now you can take away the threat of grease theft and the costly fines that can follow.  The Envirotub is the ORIGINAL indoor grease storage solution that eliminates the threat and mess of grease theft.  Now you can empty your used fryer into an airtight container and store it inside your store.

The Envirotub is designed to fit under most two and three compartment kitchen sinks. Its lightweight design and four cast iron wheels allow for easy maneuvering.  ANY kitchen employee can simply roll the Envirotub next to the fryer and empty the oil easily and safely. The Envirotub withstands fryer oil up to 300 degrees and holds up to 55 gallons of oil.  The Envirotub features a 12-inch opening for easy pouring of fryer oil into the storage area.  The air- tight lid easily seals shut with a twist and instantly prevents odors for escaping.  The lid is vented allowing heat to escape to prevent container expansion.  The Envirotub, made from 100% recycled materials is designed to contain overflow and direct any spillage right to the opening of the storage area.  The non-stick surface of the Envirotub allows for easy clean-up.  The Envirotub can be used in malls, hospitals, stadiums. colleges, food courts and restaurants globally.  Cash in on every drop of recyclable used fryer oil with the Envirotub.