Free Envirotub Offer!

Free Envirotub Offer

Envirotub Inc. partners with SMC Grease Specialist

Envirotub Inc. has partnered with SMC Grease Inc. to bring you an offer that will immediately start making your restaurant more efficient, safer for employees and more profitable.  SMC Grease Specialist is one of the largest and most experienced grease service companies in the western United States.  SMC provides grease trap services including grease pumping, grease trap repair, and grease trap installation.  They also provide 24-hour plumbing services for any plumbing needs.

Envirotub has partnered with SMC because as a grease service company, SMC  understands the challenges associated with grease storage and the effects of dirty and unsafe outside dumping areas.  They also know how grease theft has affected many restaurants ability to profit from recycled grease rebate programs.  When grease is stored outside, not only is it unsafe for employees, but it is an open invitation for grease thieves.  If your grease has not already been stolen before it’s only a matter of time before it will be.