Envirotub Specs


The Envirotub is the original indoor grease storage solution.

The Envirotub was designed as a solution to the problem of grease theft and the environmentally unfriendly mess caused by outdoor grease and oil containment systems.

The indoor Envirotub containment system is made from 100% recycled materials. The dimensions of the tub are 18″ wide x 32″ high x 28″ long which allow it to fit under most two and three compartment kitchen sinks. The Envirotub is commonly used in malls, hospitals, stadiums. colleges, food courts and restaurants globally. The Envirotub has four (4) cast iron wheels with optional locking capabilities. The lightweight design of the Envirotub allows for easy maneuvering. The linear low density plastic surface eliminates grease build-up and it’s non-stick properties allow for easy cleaning. The top of the envirotub is designed with a raised lip around the perimeter to contain overflow and spillage. The top is also designed to drain any spilled grease or fryer oil directly towards the opening of the container. The lid seals shut to prevent odors from escaping. However, the lid is vented in the center to help allow heat to escape and prevent the container from expansion.

The concept of the indoor Envirotub prevents the need for employees to carry heavy buckets of hot fryer oil to an outdoor container. The employee can simply roll the Envirotub to the fryer for easy and safe disposal. The Envirotub can withstand fryer oil up to 300 degrees and can hold up to 55 gallons or 400 lbs. of recyclable materials. When its time for service, the Envirotub can be pumped out in 60 seconds or less.