Stop Grease Thefts

  • Grease thieves are ripping you off, it’s time to fight back with the Envirotub! 

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Stop Slips and Falls

  • Carrying dangerous hot fryer oil to a dumpster is now a thing of the past! 

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Envirotub Specs

  • The Envirotub is the original indoor grease storage solution. 

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NRA Chicago Debut of NEW Envirotub Oil Management Solution

OMS-58 Unit_for_webThe newly developed all-in-one filtration and storage solution will make a dramatic change on how restaurants manage their oil. Like its predecessor, the Envirotub, the newly coined versions OMS-58 and OMS-78 (which stands for Oil Management Solution and the respective gallon capacity of the units) are portable, which allow them to be shuttled right to the fryer for employee ease of use and safety. The unit interfaces easily with the fryer drainpipe for a clean, no-mess transfer of the oil into the onboard reservoir.

At a push of a button, the oil is then processed through a 4-stage filtration system. Debris is removed at a rate of just under 6 gallons per minute. Once the filtration process has been completed, the operator has three options; filter the oil again, return the filtered oil back into the fryer using the onboard wand or re-direct the oil into the onboard storage tank for disposal. All selections are made by a push of a button.

The addition of a new oil reservoir will be available for both the OMS-58 and OMS-78 models which will enable employees to fill the fryer with oil right out of the box.

The stainless steel construction makes for a robust and easy to keep clean unit. Filters are easy to change and various components of the unit can be removed and washed in a commercial dishwasher for added convenience when needed.

The economic advantages of this innovative oil management system are clear. Better oil management also reduces new oil consumption. Restaurants can efficiently extend the life of fryer oil increasing the ROI on what is commonly known as one of the most expensive commodities in the restaurant business.